37 Zimbabwean illegal immigrants arrested

37 Zimbabwean illegal immigrants arrested

SOUTH African police rescued 37 Zimbabweans from a human trafficking syndicate and arrested the taxi drivers  who were transporting them, says  police spokesman Moatshe Ngoape, after a  tip-off that three quantums were transporting illegal immigrants from Zimbabwe to Pretoria recently.

“According to information, these illegal immigrants crossed into South Africa via the Limpopo river illegally and not through the border post,” says Ngoape

“The vehicles were allegedly driving along the N1 South highway and later these cars were spotted just before Polokwane, stopped and searched. Thirty-seven illegal immigrants from Zimbabwe were found inside… 21 men, 11 women and five children and they will be charged with [contravening]the immigration act” for entering the country illegally, he adds.

Two taxis were found, whose drivers were arrested  and police  are still searching for the third vehicle and its driver.

“We are suspecting that these people were being trafficked, and we are investigating the whereabouts of the third taxi,” says Ngoape.

The two drivers and their passengers  will all appear at  the Polokwane magistrate’s court soon. –  ANA

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