Another Operation Murambatsvina looms for Harare?

Another Operation Murambatsvina looms for Harare?

THE  demolishing of houses built illegally in Zimbabwe’s capital Harare will go ahead without any further warnings,

says  city’s spokesperson Michael Chideme.

Speaking in an interview at the Harare Agricultural Show on (today) Tuesday, Chideme said any further warnings

and disclosure of dates for the action was likely to invite resistance from affected families.

He said those occupying land illegally in the city were taking advantage of council’s humane approach.

“We have given them ample time and we are going to pounce on them without any further warnings because we would want to avoid any organised resistance. You cannot plan a war and tell the enemy when you intend to strike them,” he said.

Chideme said some of the illegal land occupiers had heeded the city’s warnings and had already moved. He, however, added that a few others were hiding behind political parties to establish their illegal settlements.

Acting Town Clerk Josephine Ncube had earlier told a press conference in Harare that she was giving the last warning to invaders of council land, including those that had invaded Crowborough, Churu and Eyestone farms, to move.

“Allowing people to stay on Crowborough farm is a travesty of justice. The farm is used for wastewater treatment. This means any human settlement on that farm is a huge risk to the health of all Harare residents,” warned Ncube.

She said as a result of the illegal land occupation there was a high risk of the spread of water borne diseases.

“Paying for municipal land to third parties is actually sinking your investment in a deep well where you will not be able to retrieve it. Our message is simple. Do not splash your money on illegal activities because when the land authority comes you will still be required to pay up,” she said.

Ncube said council had identified illegal structures in Dzivarasekwa, Glen View, Kuwadzana, Mufakose, Kambuzuma, Glen Norah and Hatcliffe, some of them belonging to Zanu PF youths and some cooperatives and individuals.

Zanu PF is the ruling party led by 92-year-old Zimbabwe President Robert Mugabe, who has been in power for more than 36 years. –ANA