Awards for Cape Town based, Zim achievers on the cards

Awards for Cape Town based, Zim achievers on the cards

JOHANNESBURG  – IN A BID to recognise Zimbabwe talent in  start to recognise  SA, Shamstone Production&Entertainment& Impress Clothing, will be hosting  Cape Town’s first ever Zimbabwean Excellence Gala Dinner Awards 2015  on the 4th of April this year.

The red carpet event seeks to recognize and acknowledge individuals and companies that are flying the Zimbabwean flag high in Cape Town.

“Despite some challenges that Zimbabweans face in South Africa, they  have managed to not only demonstrate resilience but build success in their selected undertakings and ventures and  the Cape Town awards seek to honour those individuals who have played positive roles within the city of Cape Town and the Western Cape,” says Cape Town businessman  and  event director Juluis Shamu.

Adding that the acknowledgement is meant to encourage Zimbabweans to continue with their culture of success.

“This because they remain an inspiration to their fellow compatriots and the community of Cape Town at large,” adds Shamu.

The  awards  will  be held at the Cape Town Convention Centre in Rondebosch and  will be hosted by the guest of honour will be Big Brother star and Zim based businesswoman  Pokello Nare.

Shamu says the  seeks to provide Zimbabweans an opportunity  to  network with each other and  the community of Cape Town at large.

Among some of the awards to be won are ‘Businessman and Businesswoman of the Year Award,  who should have demonstrated their success in business, leadership service and entrepreneurship.

Also  on the pick are sportspersons, those in entertainment and those who have shown their ability to be community leaders.

“The winners will be chosen by a panel of experts drawn from different sectors of business, academia and social spheres,” explains Shamu.

Also  to be recognised are news leaders and small business owners that have succeeded  in following the mission and goals of  entrepreneurship .

Shamu says  that contenders should be  Zimbabweans live  in Cape Town  but can be  of any age, race or gender.

There will be lots of entertainment from Zimbabwean  artists and DJ’s based in Cape Town such as  DJ Bashmouth, DJ Wity Morgan Stich, DJ Rex Nhongo & DJ Flex, Pangea Group(mbira nehosho), Fatha B  and dancehall  artist Swit Beey.

The all Zimbabwean event will be  sponsored by a host of Zimbabwean companies such as Cutting Edge Tents,  Mama Money and Moonlight Funeral Services. –