Bickering over voters registration starts as Zim elections season kicks off

Bickering over voters registration starts as Zim elections season kicks off

September 22 2017 – THE MDC led by Welshman Ncube has added its voice against the Biometric Voter Registration exercise that was launched last week proves, describing it as a ” pilot testing or a trial and error exercise for ZEC, which it says has  caused unnecessary setbacks, mostly technical glitches.

“Most of the setbacks  suggest that the registering officers are poorly equipped with knowledge of how to operate the BVR kits, exposing ZEC ‘s incapacity to transparently and fairly run the 2018 general elections,” says spokesperson Kuraone Chihwayi.

Accusations and counter accusations have  become the  norm towards and after elections, with opposition parties accusing ZEC of being partial towards the ruling Zanu-PF, laying the foundation for post election controversy and accusations of rigging. 

Meanwhile MDC T filed an urgent chamber application  seeking an order to suspend the new registration of voters, saying ZEC is not adequately prepared for registering voters, which was overturned by High Court judge Justice Davison Foroma.

MDC T claims that the electoral body does not have  enough equipment and trained personnel to start the registration exercise.

The MDC-T is  also complaining  about  “lack of clarity on procurement of and custody of server, the involvement of security personnel and insufficient   information on location of polling stations and voter registration”.

Chihwayi alleges  the  establishment of small and inaccessible number of registration centers, the slow pace at which the process is being carried out, understaffing, technical glitches and the congestion at the centers, which his party says shows that ZEC is “ ill prepared to hold a  meaningful exercise.

However most Zimbabweans are beginning to complain about this, with one Bulawayo resident saying: “As I see it the opposition has lost and are just preparing for defeat in their court cases.”

Chihwayi also complains of  the appointment of one Commissioner of Oaths. 

“This proves to be an inconvenience to those without proof of residence. In Bulawayo it is reported that the Commissioner goes to tea break and lunch for many hours, a behaviour that  insults and degrades those who would have spent hours of their precious time in the scorching sun waiting to get their affidavits authorized,” he says adding that will result in a lot of people being disenfranchised as they give up on pursuing  going through the whole process.

New voter registrations started on September 14  and  January 15, 2018, is  the last date  where claims and applications for registration shall be received in all wards and constituencies. – Patience Rusere