Chaos mars Zanu-PF SA victory celebrations

11 October 2018 – Zanu PF victory celebrations, to celebrate its Party’s president Emmerson Mnanangwa’s recent presidential victory, which were held at Morning Hill Country club in Bruma Johannesburg over the weekend were marred by indiscipline and low turnout.

Most of those who attended got drunk even before the main celebrations begin causing confusion, prompting Zanu PF youth Deputy Secretary and politburo member Lewis Matutu who was guest of honour, expressing shock and dismay over how some party members were behaving .

Matutu, whose speech was constantly interrupted by the guests had to stop his speech and chide the attendees for misbehaving.

“Zanu PF is a party of discipline and we will not tolerate indiscipline at any level” said Matutu.

“I have seen how you even do our party slogan , you lack dignity and composure you must learn from our fellow comrades from ANC who have shown dignity and maturity in the way they do their slogan, ” said a visibly upset Matutu

The event had guests from the ANC.

Much to the dismay of ANC members and visitors was the failure by members to sing the national Anthem, with many of them breaking into laughter in between singing.

“ I am surpised that you cant even sing our own national anthem. Its an embarrassment and this calls for me to assist in bringing in leaders from Chitepo School of Ideology to come and teach you some fundamentals about our party Zanu PF and its ideology said Matutu.

anu PF South Africa District Spokesperson Kennedy Mandaza said “ZANU PF as a party does not condone violence and indiscipline in and outside the party.

“It is regrettable that some incidences of indiscipline and violence were witnessed during the victory celebration. This is regrettable and should not be taken as the norm in the Party.

“Putting the name of the Party into disrepute by any member of the Party is not acceptable and one hopes that through investigations will be done to make sure that the cause of such behavior is nipped in the bud,” said Mandaza.

After the celebrations some senior members continued running battles accusing each other of wanting to topple each other. Some South African private reaction security companies where called in to help chase some rowdy members outside the venue fearing they could damage the property. – reporter

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