China offers to support Greece

CHINA wants Greece to stay in the euro and is ready to offer support on the debt crisis, Premier Li Keqiang said Monday, as Athens faces a referendum that could see it leave the single currency.
Li, the prime minister of the world’s second largest economy, said after a summit with EU leaders that it was a “critical” moment in the standoff between Greece and its EU-IMF creditors.
“China wants to see Greece stay in the eurozone and we urge relevant creditors to reach agreement with the Greek government at an a early time,” Li told a news conference.
Speaking alongside EU President Donald Tusk and European Commission chief Jean-Claude Juncker, Li added that China wanted “progress… so both Greece and Europe overcome the current challenges and crisis.”
Li did not directly answer whether Beijing was ready to offer Athens loans to help it see out the crisis, but added that China had “made its own efforts” to help Greece overcome its debt.
“Several times China has taken real actions to respond to the concern and requests from the Greek government, because we hope that Greece would do well and hope to see a united European Union,” he said.
Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras has called a referendum on Sunday on whether Greece should accept reform plans under an international bailout.
EU ministers decided Saturday not to extend the bailout because of the lack of a deal, meaning Greece is set to default on a IMF loan repayment on Tuesday. – AFP