Coalition, MDC’s greatest betrayal – TAD

Coalition, MDC’s greatest betrayal – TAD

April 27 2017 – LAST  week MDC T president Morgan Tsvangirai signed an MOU for a coalition with NPP president Joice Mujuru and old political foe Welshman Ncube, who broke ranks with the MDC T strongman  in 2005, resulting in a lot of debate by different from Zimbabweans world over.

But in Part 11 of our series of interviews with this website’s editor, Patience Rusere,  The African Democrats, Joburg based president  Marco Machona describes Tsvangirai’s coalition particularly with Mujuru as a big betrayal.

Machona says the reason why his Party is strongly against the coalition is because they donot want to see those from  Zanu-PF form part of any future government.

“The TAD manifesto also clearly states that all those with cases to answer, cases around crimes against humanity, cases of looting Government minerals, multiple ownership of farms and various allegations that includes those who externalized Zimbabwe’s wealth to Asian Countries like Dubal, Singapore and even South Africa must be prosecuted. “

“Now, TAD realises that within this NERA are the very people that have cases to answer. TAD can’t associate or be in a coalition with such people.”

”TAD has inside information that should a grand coalition manifest, the likes of Didymus Mutasa, Rugare Gumbo and their whole entourage would form a movement with MDC and question is what Ministry will Morgan Tsvangirai give some one like Mutasa, Ministry of State or Home Affairs, or head of CIO, same positions he once held at Zanu PF. This doesn’t and will never sit well with TAD and cant be a part of this coalition,” says Machona emphatically.

He says though his Party, has taken part  in a all presidents meeting, recently held in Harare, and was subsequently  invited to the meetings of all principals, it has not seen or read terms, conditions and framework that governs the coalition, hence won’t “blindly” endorse Tsvangirai as its candidate

Machona’s Party says instead it will take a very hard and radical stance, against those in the present government, should his Party be voted into power.

He says his Party plans to  ban ZANU PF for a period of 10 years while investigating   crimes against humanity, looting, corruption and abduction.

“That’s why TAD cant be in a coalition with the same people that Zimbabweans have over decades seen as hindrance to progress. MDC is seriously compromised and so is the coalition,” he says.

Machona believes the coalition will be used to legitimize electoral theft or rigging,.

“A good  example is for argument sake, if MDC  the decides not to participate in these elections because of lack of reforms, Mai Mujuru will participate and that alone will legitimize the elections,” says Machona who claims that his Party’s manifesto is the best  for Zimbabweans .

“We believe in the  total eradication and collapse of Mugabe;s regime and retiring of all of Mugabe;s people, army generals, heads of all security organs and pass a law thee prohibits all those who were in any Zanu PF to be part of any future Zimbabwean government .”

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