CSA and Momentum friendship games in full swing

March 9  2017 – FOLLOWING  the successful, first-ever Momentum Friendship Games match in Port Elizabeth last weekend, the show moves to Bloemfontein on (today) Friday.

Grey College under-15s will host its Rocklands Hub counterparts in a T20 clash at 2pm.

These friendship matches which involve a CSA Hub or RPC playing against a traditional cricket school, give the hubs and RPC’s the opportunity to play on a competitive level and it allows them to be able to measure their performance against a school that has produced national players.

Excitement is building up amongst both teams as they eagerly await the clash.

“This is a great opportunity for the kids from previously disadvantaged areas to get exposure and be watched by parents and the community,” said Penna Motsoane, coach of the Rocklands Hub team.

“This game is not about who wins or loses, it’s about getting exposure for the players with the hope for them to learn from each other.’’

‘’This game will give the Hub an opportunity to look at their competitive skills. Our aim is to see more of our players participate at the highest levels and leagues of cricket,’’ concluded Motsoane.

Motsoane’s sentiments were echoed by Grey College coach, Andri Swanepoel.

‘’We are looking forward to the big game which forms part of our sports day at the school,” commented Swanepoel.

“The game is a good opportunity to give other players a chance to compete against Grey College, which also helps us to test our competitiveness,’’ added Swanepoel.

Rocklands Hub which is involved with eight schools in the area, has 45 boys and 45 girls in total, playing at the hub.

Parents and families from the local community and the schools are encouraged to attend, as Momentum and CSA see these Friendship Matches as a catalyst to create positive change in within communities.- ANA