Earthquake hits Mozambique

June 24  2017 —  A 5.8 magnitude earthquake hit the central region of Mozambique around 4:30 in this morning, says Mozambican authorities in Maputo.
According to the authorities the epicenter was 34 km from Dondo district in Sofala province and it was 10 km deep.
The mining institute general director, Adriano Senvano confirmed that the earthquake was also felt in the cities of Beira province, the city of Chimoio in Manica province and parts of Zambezia province.
“The earthquake hit the provinces of Beira, Manica, and Zambezia; there were no human casualties,” said Adriano.
The director also left recommendations as to how citizens can reduce the impact when earthquakes occur such as remaining calm and looking for safe places.
The director said that it is important for Mozambicans to be aware of the moves to take when an earthquake occurs because Mozambique is vulnerable to this natural disaster. Enditem