EU presents proposals to simplify asylum procedure and curb secondary movement

 THE  European Commission presented (today) on Wednesday proposals to simplify the asylum procedure and discourage asylum seekers from secondary movements, the Commission said in a statement.

“What we propose today is the closing piece of a comprehensive reform of the EU’s common asylum system. The changes will create a genuine common asylum procedure and guarantee that asylum seekers are treated in an equal and appropriate manner, regardless of the Member State in which they make their application. At the same time, we set clear obligations and duties for asylum seekers to prevent secondary movements and abuse of the procedures,” Migration Commissioner Dimitris Avramopoulos said, as quoted in the statement.

Under the proposed reforms, the decision on asylum would be taken within six months. The amendments also stipulate stricter rules to combat abuse and harmonize safe countries rules.

To tap the secondary movement, the five-year waiting period to get eligibility for long-term resident status will be restarted each time an asylum seeker is found in an EU country, he is not supposed to be in, the European Commission said. – Sputnik