Europe to remain closed for economic migrants says Bulgaria

BULGARIAN deputy prime minister Ivaylo Kalfin said Friday that Europe is unable to open for economic migrants because the capacity for their inclusion in the labor market is not high.
“Europe, including Bulgaria, will fulfill the obligation to receive people fleeing from war, but at this moment it is very difficult for Europe to open up for economic migrants,” Kalfin said at the closing press conference of the Fifth Asia-Europe Meeting’s Labor and Employment Ministers’ Conference (ASEM-LEMC).
A large part of refugees seek a better life, which is understandable, but the capacity for their inclusion in the labor market cannot be so high, said Kalfin, who is responsible for demographic and social policies, and is also the minister for Labor and Social Policy.
“We have one million refugees in Europe, and it is the richest economy in the world,” Kalfin said. “If these are the people who should be supported, it will not be a budgetary and social problem.”
“The point is that there must be some perspective and knowing to what extent, how and whom we support in this process,” Kalfin said.
In recent years, globalization has resulted in a higher global economic migration, “and I do not mean only this wave of refugees who have come to Europe in recent months,” Kalfin said.
For this reason, employment of young people and social systems that provide at least minimum standards of social protection are important, he said.
The fifth ASEM-LEMC kicked off on Thursday under the theme of “Towards Sustainable Social Development in Asia and Europe”. – ANA