Fire Justice Rita Makarau and dismantle  ZEC

Fire Justice Rita Makarau and dismantle ZEC

Congratulations to Independent candidate Themba Mliswa for contesting and winning the hotly contested Norton constituency by-election, opening a new page in Zimbabwe’s history.

We give our thanks to the cogent MDC T supporters and all anti-Zanu voters. We hope Hon Mliswa has fully repented and now a born again politician, as this is his chance of proving, the doubting Thomas’s and his critics wrong.

Can we say now that the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission [ ZEC ] has come of age and this election was held in a free, fair and conducive environment?

Certainly NOT, as police brutality, violence, vote buying and threats were the order of the day in Norton prior to elections.

Though Mliswa won this election, let us not be blinded and ignorant that the ZEC did a sterling job. I strongly believe ZEC deliberately did not facilitate in rigging this election as a strategy to regain lost confidence in their running of elections. More importantly, ZEC used this election as a practising pad to tighten their rigging tactics and sharpen their strategies.

Whilst ZEC catalysed rigging of national elections in 2013 in favour of Zanu PF and numerous calls for its overhaul are being widespread, Justice Rita Makarau, the Chairman of ZEC remains pro- Zanu PF and reports to Zanu PF and Mugabe.

ZEC is not independent and biased towards Zanu PF and for the impending 2018 national elections, Makarau must be removed now and ZEC discarded and replaced by an all party inclusive body headed by a Judge appointed by all parties and be re established after globally endorsed elections.

In fact, she has another powerful and involving position as the Secretary of the Judiciary Service Commission and that accommodates her well. Also the registrar general, Tobaiwa Mudede must be given his marching orders with a pension as I believe he is running the voters roll machinery on behalf of ZEC and he is its rigging specialist.

Only after this, shall free and fair elections as stipulated by the SADC protocols shall be adhered to coupled with transparency and accountability and rigging of elections shall be the thing of the past in Zimbabwe.

While I applaud the establishment of National Electoral Reform Agenda [ NERA ] and its efforts in directly engaging ZEC for electoral reforms time is now a stumbling block to achieve their goals.

Makarau and her team knows this well are inducing delaying tactics in sweet-talking meetings about effecting electoral reforms before elections.

As I watch the deliberations going on currently, ZEC is not serious in opening up to NERA because it subscribes to Zanu PF. NERA must intensify their demands and call for electing a new neutral ZEC comprising technocrats selected by all interested parties, stakeholders. People with the nation interest first at heart and unbiased such as known church leaders.

As long as that rather cool and soft spoken Makarau and her team are running ZEC, the opposition even within a coalition must forget about winning the impending national elections.

Why is it that at 67 years old, Mudede is still heading and running that sacred office ?

What’s wrong with our new constitution. Their mandate is to make sure that Zanu PF wins the elections at all costs. Zanu PF is currently splashing government and rotten money buying vehicles for their party, a clear sign that 2018 elections belongs to them.

Opposition MPs have to bark loudly in parliament until he leaves office. Nothing is impossible, fresh attacks towards this matter is vital. Our MPs must learn from the few red overall freedom fighters south of the Limpopo If there’s a lesson we can learn from EFF leader Julius Malema is consistency, ‘What he says, he does, and he fights until it happens.’

Critics may rush to say parliament selected her during GNU but I tend to disagree because most members of parliament were unhappy with her selection.

It’s unfortunate that GNU parties whipped them in line hence her selection was biased and above board. Most Zimbabweans have lost confidence in her and ZEC executive which is full of security personnel except Mugabe and Zanu PF her employers.

Makarau and her team must go now. They have failed the nation and allowed rigging. Zimbabweans are sick and tired of seeing their secret votes being stolen. Zvakakwana ! No more crying for Zimbabweans.

To plug rigging, the voters roll must be audited by appointed independent audit firms. Thereafter, it must be accessible and made available to all interest parties and candidates. The electoral system needs to be benchmarked with good practices overseas where credibility of elections has been withheld.

With the latest technology, a new transparent system can be put in place to ensure no rigging takes place.

Biometrics can be shelved for now as it shall favour Zanu PF due to unforeseen teething problems. And also because of nearing 2018 elections and financial constraints, this new system needs more time for its proper completion and installation, using just ID’s will have to be sufficient for now.

Anadi Arnold Sululu is a former MP of Silobela and writes in his personal capacity, therefore his opinions donot relflect’s editorial policy. YOU can contact him on