Gauteng cops arrest Zimbabwean suspect for Hillbrow shooting

Gauteng cops arrest Zimbabwean suspect for Hillbrow shooting

August 28 2017 – GAUTENG cops have arrested a  33 year old suspected Zimbabwean man  for allegedly shooting  revellers during a performance by a Zimbabwean band at Hillbrow Theatre early Sunday morning,  where one Zimbabwean man was killed and several others, where injured.

EWN reports that the man identified as Milton Mayelane Mncube was arrested after police launched a manhunt following the incident in the early hours of Sunday morning.

He faces charges of murder, attempted murder, armed robbery and possession of unlicensed firearm.

One person died and eight others injured after the man, who was in the  audience, suddenly jumped on stage just after 2am and announced that his cellphone had been stolen, says  spokesman Lieutenant Colonel Lungelo Dlamini.

“It is not clear whether the cellphone was stolen or not. He jumped on stage, grabbed the microphone and demanded that the band stop playing until his cellphone is returned. He then fired randomly when the audience protested, injuring eight and fatally injuring one. He fled on foot.”

The deceased has subsequently been identified as 26-year-old Allan Percy Ndlovu..

Eleven cartridges from a 9mm firearm were found at the scene. – News 24