God fearing, party boy Genius Kadungure lives it up

God fearing, party boy Genius Kadungure lives it up

9 December 2016 – DRESSED in a purple suit, with a matching tie and sporting a fresh Mohawk haircut, while barking instructions on an expensive cellphone, in the upmarket suburb of Sandton, a far cry from his rural roots of Domboshawa, Genuis Kadungure, aka Ginimbi certainly looks like SUCCESS itself.

Inspired by the good life enjoyed by people he used to watch on TV the young Ginimbi grew up determined to live like them.

And thus at the tender age of 17, after finishing his O’ Levels ,it was then that the then teen Ginimbi decided not to continue with his school but start earning money to live like his TV to be an entrepreneur.

“I told myself I wanted to live the people, I used to see on TV, because I used to be so obsessed with movies and TV, explains Ginimbi, in a interview with this website at his plush Sandton apartment.

As luck or rather as fate would have it in 2002, there was a shortage of gas, a business idea that has evolved into Piko Trading today, with interests in Zimbabwe (Pioneer Gas), South Africa and Botswana, for the now 32 year old SA based Zimbabwean businessman.

“There were companies at the time, whom I could say were trying to sabotage the country or something, which created a shortage, so I started as a gas middleman,” narrates Ginimbi .

And as the saying goes the rest is history.

Despite being known for his success, Ginimbi, who is a self confessed party animal has been enmeshed in controversy, like the All White Party that he held in Sandton recently, where young women were said to be almost nude, making his constant referral to God particularly interesting.

“The media tends to exaggerate things and the particular incident you talking about I don’t know much why or what happened, as I am not responsible of how people behave or dress when they come to my parties,” says Ginimbi, whose apparent taste for the good life is evident in the strong smell of expensive perfume, that comes from the very confident business tycoon.

“Sometimes girls can come to my party wearing something over something and then take it off when they get inside, I dunno,” says Ginimbi adding though he is not apologetic about his lifestyle.

“I work hard and I party hard! Because I work hard for what I have,” he says emphatically but is a bit reserved when he comes to his personal life, such as whether he is married, has kids or his family life, refusing to answer questions about his personal life.

However it is quite clear the young businessman has not forgotten his humble beginnings and has built a huge house in Domboshawa and roads.

Another side of the young businessman’s personality that comes out during the interview is deeply religious side, a stark contrast from his bad boy image and his brash veneer.

“I am great believer in God, but like I said I enjoy my success by partying hard and I make no apologies for it. But I always know that I wouldn’t be where I am if it wasn’t God,” says the businessman who is also involved funding a number of charities.

“I have charities I give money, some of whom are in (Alex) Alexander as a token of appreciation for what this country has done for me, I give to charity, as I stay here and am grateful for the opportunities that this country (SA) has opened for me”

But unlike most Zimbabwean businesspeople who often use success in entrepreneurship as a stepping stone to politics, Genius emphatically states that he is not interested.

“Personally I don’t think one should mix the two and for me I believe the sky is the limit building my business empire, I am only 32 years, but I feel I have a long way to go and more to achieve in the business world,” he says.

As a parting shot to the many young Zimbabweans, who want to be like him, Ginimbi, says hard work, resilience and not comparing yourself to the next person is key.

“Success does not come easy and it is a lot of hard work, And most of all wait for your OWN time to come.” – Patience Rusere