Hacktivists hack Zanu-PF websites

A GROUP  of hacking activists have claimed they are behind the crashing of the Zimbabwean government, the ruling party Zanu PF and the State broadcaster Zimbabwe Broadcasting Corporation websites.

The websites – www.zim.gov.zw, www.zanupf.co.zw and www.zbc.co.zw – were all not opening as  of  5pm on Wednesday.

Anonymous Africa, on their Twitter handle @zim4thewin, said: “In support of #ShutDownZimbabwe we have shut down the ZANU-PF website. http://www.zanupf.org.zw is #TangoDown Bring on the spring!”

The tweets said: “People who can see the zanupf website, try browse it (any page off the front), your browser has cached the website. It is definitely down.”

The group said its move was in support of the ongoing unrest in the country which began on Friday, reportedly due to the shortage of food resources.

Police brutality since the unrest began has been recorded on social media.

On Wednesday, a civil servant stay-away was conducted in the troubled nation while instant messaging service Whatsapp was blocked for some time.

Despite this, #ZimShutDown2016 was trending all day on social media despite the attempts at a media blackout.

Twitter users have also requested that Anonymous target the government mouthpiece, The Herald.

Last month, the hacking group took down the South African Broadcasting Corporation website after the broadcaster said it was not going to show videos of protests in South Africa. – ANA