Harare International airport renamed after Bob

Harare International airport renamed after Bob

November 09 2017 – HARARE International Airport has been renamed Robert Gabriel Mugabe International Airport at a colourful event held at the site this morning.

According to the state run Herald newspaper the renaming is in” recognition of President Mugabe’s liberation and black empowerment efforts which have seen Zimbabwe becoming arguably the first African country post-independence to win back its land through a sustained land reform programme that saw the allocation of agricultural plots to thousands of landless blacks who had suffered through colonial deprivation.”

However the opposition MDC-T has slammed the move describing it as “crazy”

“The renaming of marks a new low in both the political and aviation history of Zimbabwe.Robert Mugabe is fully determined to take the country down with him. He now perceives Zimbabwe as his personal property and not a republic. The State has been virtually captured by Robert Mugabe and his wife and as the economic meltdown continues unabated, the entire government is on auto – pilot as Mugabe and his spouse are spending their time addressing spurious and nonsensical rallies meant to massage their personal egos,” charges MDC National spokesperson Obert Gutu.

“Almost every city and town in Zimbabwe has got a road named after Robert Mugabe. As if this was not enough, US$1 billion of State funds has been budgeted to construct the Robert Mugabe University, a private university that will be owned by the Mugabe family, ” adds Gutu. -ZimsInSA.com reporter