Heavy Burundi rains kill 5

 March 18 2017  – HEAVY  rains which hit the north-western Burundi and the north of the capital Bujumbura killed five persons and destroyed 136 houses. 

The local administration in Mabayi commune, Cibitoke province, 109 km  in north-western from Bujumbura, told reporters that five persons of the same family had perished following the violent wind, inclement weather and heavy rains which hit on Thursday night. 

“Their house was built on a surveyed land, what caused it to be hit by the violent wind and easily collapsed,” said Basarurwuzuye Pascal, the Administrator of Mabayi. 

In the capital Bujumbura, the quarters of the north are the most hit by the rains. 

Apart from the 136 houses destroyed in Buterere quarter, the Minister of Public Works who went to see the level of damage himself, said, another 149 were threatened with collapse. 

Now, many families are deprived and distressed by what happened to them. They are in urgent assistance need. Some of them have been obliged to move out to other quarters of the capital. 

Ndayisenga Esperance, 28, a mother of four children, had her recently built house destroyed by the rains with all the things that were in it including food. 

“Here, there were mattress, cloths, casseroles, dishes, beans and flour for my children, all has been washed away by flash waters”, she said before adding, “I don’t see how I will feed my children”. 

Nyandwi Mwajuma, 50, her house has also been destroyed, all the parcel having been completely covered by flash waters. 

“This land had cost over ten million Burundian francs”, she told ANA. 

The Minister of Public Works said the government was urgently preparing for giving assistance to those families, which, up to now, the number is not known yet.

“Our services are evaluating the damage level, after their report, the next step will be to assist the victims,” he pointed out. 

Three years ago, heavy rains had killed more than 100 people in the north of the capital. The inhabitants of the capital have accused the authorities of not having “well planned how this town could be built”. 

The Minister of Public Works is aware of this problem. 

“We are planning to build and arrange soonest two rivers which are causing this problem,” he said. – ANA