House of Hope answers your immigration questions

House of Hope answers your immigration questions

SA deportations

Despite the news that the Human Rights Lawyers, recently won a court case to halt the deportations of migrants from South Africa. Why are deportations are still continuing?
Baba Manu

The stay to stop deportations was only for the 200 migrants that were arrested at the Johannesburg Methodist Chuch ONLY. Anywhere else chakachaya. And the other problem is that if people don’t want to join others.

People need to unite and be under some umbrella organisation to get help I cannot got Home Affairs and say I am representing all Zimbabweans in SA. Its easier to approach them with a database of membership if you want them to take you seriously, that why we have the House of Hope which has no joining fee and helps Zimbabweans free of charge.

Paying people to get ZSP permits
Cde Muchatuta ndine problem, please help me. My son got some numbers from Cape Town from a friend saying there was a group that can help with fixing his ZSP permit. He was asked to pay R3 500 all in all and deposit it in a Ndebank Account. After that he was told his money was short by R200 and he sent in more money and now they are saying they never got the money and now when he calls them they are not answering the phone. I know the guys’s name,is there anyone who can help me.

Fellow Zimbabweans no one should pay for any services rendered by individiduals, you should report that person. Someone once said to me a society used to bribery as ameans of survival and getting things done. Free service is seen as NO service and they ask why zviri free. I see it everywhere even in the UK. a lot of people prefer for free things! Ask guys vakaita zveAsylum using the offices of a political party and ask them how many of them still want to hear about them or see them. No-one except Home Affairs can fix your immigration papers.

Permits for children
Makadini. My name is Shelly and I need your help please. I have a child who is in Grade 7 and he is applying for Grade 8 at a a local(SA) based high school last week, they refused to accept his application form saying I should apply for a permit, which says work and study. My son is currently on what is called a family joining asylum paper, which allows him to study.(when we came from Zimbabwe we did not have to apply for asylum for him but was put on his father’s paper) I dont want to do, please help.

Cde Shelly you have to go and apply for his own paperwork as he is grown up. (I am assuming if he is about Grade 7 he is around 13 years old) and you may not be moving around with him that often

Taking cars to Zimbabwe
Guys ko munhu ane permit ye ZSP when it expires. How many cars are they allowed to take out of the country duty free
Packman Bikita
This is not constituted by the SA parliament it is a special permit from the Minister and the Cabinet. Trap.

Edward Muchatuta, a  SA based Zimbabwean, former trade unionist who has worked with Zimbabwe Migrants International as National Co ordinator and  National Organiser for the Zimbabwe Workers Union. He has also been helping migrants on getting legal documentation in SA and has been lobbying for the ZSP for eight months by helping and advising applicants  and other issues affecting Zims inSA co-ordinator of House of Hope( an organisation which has been helping Zimbabweans with issues affecting Zimbabweans living in SA.

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