Its all systems go for beach goers in Durban – eThekwini municipality

Its all systems go for beach goers in Durban – eThekwini municipality

20 December 2016 – THE eThekwini Municipality’s Festive Season Management Committee (FESMAC) said on Tuesday it had only experienced minimum glitches with Durban beaches packed to capacity on the first long weekend of the festive season holidays.

In a statement, acting chairperson of FESMAC Malcolm Canham said the just ended long weekend provided an opportunity to test all safety systems at Durban beaches.

Canham said between 14 and 18 December about 477 700 people were recorded to be on the beach.

“Lifeguards and other law enforcement officers were kept busy throughout the weekend, as people filled up the beaches. We also had to implement road closures to avoid any traffic congestion around the various beaches,” Canham said.

Canham commended patrons for co-operating with law enforcement officers.

“About 175 rescue operations were carried out and 14 785 people received first aid treatment. Approximately 505 children were separated from their parents/guardians but they were all timeously reunited, thanks to the 32 550 armbands issued to all children at the beaches,” Canham said.

“From the Cleansing and Solid Waste Department, 177 staff members worked on a three shift daily and 191 960 tons of litter was collected.”

Canham also urged bus and taxi drivers to only park at their designated area, the Drive-Inn Site, to allow for the smooth flow of traffic on the beachfront. The public were urged to keep the city clean by disposing their litter in the bins provided. -ANA