Jailed bomber wanted to kill my kids – Grace Mugabe

ZIM’s first lady Grace Mugabe,  on Wednesday sensationally claimed that the leader of a little-known political party who was jailed for attempting to bomb their Alpha Omega Dairy farm, had also wanted to kill all her children and bomb her orphanage in Mazowe.

Owen Kuchata, the leader of the Zimbabwe People’s Front, was jailed for nine years by a Harare magistrate this week after he pleaded guilty to possession of weaponry for sabotage and money laundering after he and three others were caught attempting to bomb the Mugabes’ dairy in Mazowe on January 29.

Grace made the revelations while addressing hundreds of Zanu PF supporters at the party’s headquarters in Harare, many of whom had come to congratulate President Mugabe for his successful tenure at the helm of the African Union.

“It is not good for someone to just wake up one day and say he wants to hurt President Mugabe by bombing his dairy. That is not all. They had said they also wanted to bomb his rural home in Zvimba, they wanted to bomb Amai Mugabe’s orphanage, and they also wanted to kill even all the children who came out of my womb.

“What kind of a Zimbabwe can we build that way? Why do you want to go and kill someone’s children? Don’t you have your own children? How would you feel if your own children were also
dealt with? It is not right, let us not do that, I rest my case,” she said in  Shona.

Grace said Zimbabweans, instead of uniting in the wake of illegal sanctions imposed by the West and working to rebuild the country’s economy, were being impatient and were now seeking to scare Mugabe out of office by bombing his properties.

“You can say and do whatever you want, but you know Mugabe, you cannot scare him by mere words because he is a strong man. Instead, we should be worried about our common enemies and find out what we can do to feed our people. If there is peace, our political leadership will be able to concentrate on working to improve the economy and feed the nation in this drought period,” she

She said the politburo should not meet to discuss petty factional fights, but instead should focus on bread and butter issues that affected the populace and sought to fulfil the promises that the party had made in the run up to the 2013 elections. – ANA