KZN cuts down on spending

KZN cuts down on spending

PIETERMARITZBURG KWA-ZULU -Natal finance MEC Belinda Scott on Tuesday presented a plan to cut lavish spending, saying it was the correct move in a slow economy.

Tabling the R101 billion budget, Scott told Members of the Provincial Legislature that education (R42 billion) and health (R32 billion) were getting the largest allocations from the budget.

The cost-cutting measures she announced include eliminating non-essential posts, conducting a headcount to eliminate ghost employees, freezing budgets for non-essential goods and services at 2014/15 levels, not using musicians or other performing artists at government events, and putting an end to distributing government-branded tracksuits, T-shirts or other promotional material.

“It is imperative that we keep our eyes on the ball and that we maintain our focus on achieving good financial discipline. As a result, we had to take a fresh look at our provincial cost-cutting measures and to add to the list that was already in place.

“We undertake an annual review of these cost-cutting measures to assess their relevance and the practicality of implementation,” said Scott.

Opposition parties welcomed the measures, but wanted evidence that government departments would follow the MEC’s lead. –  Sapa