London attacked again

June 04 2017 – Seven people were killed and nearly 50 injured on Saturday night in the heart of London when three men drove a van into pedestrians on London Bridge before stabbing people at bars and
restaurants in nearby Borough Market.

The UK in general is home to a large number of Zimbabweans, with at least having family or friends in the former British colony


– Seven people, including a Canadian citizen, were killed.

– Three attackers were shot dead by police eight minutes after they received the first emergency call at 10:08 pm on Saturday (2108 GMT).

– At least 48 people were injured, including 21 in critical condition, according to Britain’s National Health Service. Two police officers were also among the injured.

– The incidents were declared a terrorist attack by police at 12:25 am Sunday.

– The three male attackers were wearing fake explosives vests.

– Eight armed officers fired about 50 rounds at the three attackers, London’s Metropolitan Police said.

– Some 12 people have been arrested in the east London suburb of Braking in connection with the attacks. Searches continue in the area.

– Another incident, at Vauxhall, initially thought to be connected to the first two, was later declared unrelated by police.

– Supporters of the Islamic State terrorist group celebrated the attack in online fora and chatrooms, according to the Site Intelligence Group, which analyzes jihadist propaganda.

– On the day of the attack, members of an online chat group close to Islamic State called for supporters to use vehicles, firearms and knives to kill civilians, Site Intelligence Group reported.


– It is still unclear how many victims were struck by the van and how many were victims of stabbing.

– The identities of the three attackers are not yet known.

– Though bearing the hallmarks of an Islamic State attack, neither the terrorist group nor any other has claimed responsibility. – dpa