Lundi went through a lot in his time

Lundi went through a lot in his time

January 27 2017 –  THE man who discovered gospel singer Lundi Tyamara says he was a tough man who was adamant to make it in the industry, says founder of Zuz’muzi Music, Tshepo Nzimande, says Tyamara was only 16 years old when he came to Johannesburg in 1995 and wanted to record his own album.

Tyamara passed away just after midnight at the Edenvale Hospital at the age of 38.

He was being treated there for Tuberculosis (TB) in the stomach and a liver condition.

Nzimande says he will be remembered for his great work.

“I will remember Lundi as one of the toughest gospel artists I have ever seen because Lundi went through a lot in his time, to an extent where I thought that he was going to give up. There was all this bad publicity, which some of them were true but people would come on Thursday and not have a story and think – let me target Lundi because he is known for this.”

Meanwhile condolences for Lundi, for has started , with  SA president Jacob Zuma on Friday(today) extended his condolences on the death of  Lundi.

“We are deeply saddened by the loss of a talented artist at such a young age. This is yet another huge loss for the country in a short space of time. He was one of the best gospel artists that the country has ever produced. We are with his family in thoughts and prayers during this trying period. May his soul rest in peace,”says Zuma  in a statement.  – EWN