Man Soul Jah Love, Zim’s Vybz Cartel

Man Soul Jah Love, Zim’s Vybz Cartel

19 November 2014 –  SOUL Musaka is a Zimbabwe Reggae Dancehall artist, popularly known as Soul Jah Love. He was born in Waterfalls on the 22nd of November in 1989.

As an artist, composer and vocalist, he started his music career in 2004, as from then until now he has been pursuing his music career.

Soul Jah Love has scooped two awards to date. One for the best collaboration with the song Minana and the best upcoming artist for 2013 at the Zim Dancehall awards held at the Zimbabwe College of Music.

Soul Jah Love was crowned King Of Zim Dancehall 2013 at a show that was sponsored by Red Rose Entertainment at the City Sports Centre. Turbulence from Jamaica graced the show.

Soul Jah Love has been endorsed by JAN JAM and they are responsible for dressing him every time he is on stage. With several billboards in town, the company also dressed the Conquering Family on Soul Jah love & Bounty Lisa’s engagement party that was held on the 5th of April 2014.

Conquering President Soul Jah Love has toured in foreign countries such as South Africa and the United Kingdom (UK).

Soul is one man who has lyrics that will continue inspiring you long after the track has stopped playing. With the combination of both being gifted and hardworking, Soul Jah Love is a full time entertainer.

Soul Jah Love with his diverse lyrics has touched the hearts of all age groups, from the young to the old with his several hit songs that include Minana, Chidamoyo, Makonzo, Simudza Musoro (Gum kum) and Ndini Uya Uya among others.

The Conquering President Jah Love has endorsed a freestyle style proving his talent, meaning he can sing about anything, anywhere at any time without a pen and paper.

He has worked with various artists such as Rockford Josphats, Trevor Dongo, Shinsoman, Freeman, Critical, Chill4real, PTK and Cello Culture, only to mention a few.

Soul Jah love now has his own Record Label Conquering Records which consists of his wife Bounty Lisa signed to his stable, two dance groups Conquering Clark dancers and award wining hip hop dance Hood Crankers. Several youths have signed to his label and these include Jah Triger, I Job, Hyper Yut, as C.N.G, CONQUERING NEXT GENERATION.

The young man has become the talk of town as he is now driving the ‘high class’ famous Hummer H2 thanks to his career.

Soul Jah Love has gone outside his comfort zone, he is currently shooting a movie titled Ndini Uya Uya based on his hit song Ndini uya uya that is based on his life story.

Some may conclude that he is Zimbabwe’s own Vybz Kartel. -JIVE ZIMBABWE