Mashaba engages African diplomats in fighting  Xenophobia

Mashaba engages African diplomats in fighting Xenophobia

April 9 2017- JOBURG mayor Herman Mashaba  African Heads of Mission  in Tshwane have agreed that the City would communicate and collaborate with all embassies going forward to ensure that Jozi implements strategies that benefit all residents, both SA and non South African.

In a statement Mashaba’s office says in a meeting held on Friday, Mashaba held a discussion with African head of mission on how to prevent xenophobic attacks from happening again in the City.

Though the statement does not specify exactly how this will be done,  Mashaba says that though there is a  Migrant Help Desk at the Department of  Social Development Department, no stakeholder should be excluded in ”our efforts to ensure that our Help Desk encompasses diverse views on immigration.”

Mashaba came under fire after Xenophobic attacks erupted again in Pretoria, in January this year, which happened shortly after he  cracked down on crime in Johannesburg’s Rosettenville, where he blamed non South African  for  crime in Jozi causing a backlash.

But the DA mayor now says given that no country can hope to have a stable democracy, economic growth, development and safe communities without the rule of law being upheld,  it is important to recognise that Johannesburg has been built by migrants from across the world over the past 130 years.

“This is a tradition is wish to continue,” says Mashaba 

 The African Diplomatic Corps have expressed consistent support to this administration, and we intend on maintaining an open and deliberate relationship with this important stakeholder in our drive to creating a city of golden opportunities for all. We all want to see this city, country and the African continent proposer, he adds. – Christopher Dombo