Mixed feelings on whether or not to sue for ZSP renewal

Mixed feelings on whether or not to sue for ZSP renewal

June 18 2017- AS uncertainty looms over what when happens when ZSP expires at the end of the year, a group of Zimbabweans has decided to take SA Home Affairs to court, drawing mixed reactions from the Zimbabwean community in SA, on whether its the right thing to do or not.

A group of  Zimbabwean has decided to formally apply to the Courts in South Africa having recently been denied the opportunity to apply for exemptions in South Africa, as newly appointed Home Affairs Hlengiwe Mkhize keeps her cards close to her chest.

“The group, which consists of Zimbabweans who have had to leave their homeland due to the progressive meltdown of the political and economic situation, are following the legal process to try and achieve a settled life for themselves and their families,” says managing  director of Global Migration SA,Leon Isaacson.

“My personal view on the matter below is that, we need to wait for the government to make an announcement on ZSP before going to court,” says chairperson of the Zimbabwe Community Ngqabutho Mabhena.

“In 2014, the announcement to close down the then DZP and the opening of the ZSP was made in August 2014. The application process opened from 1st October 2014 – 31st December 2014. Going to the courts before an announcement is made, in my view is not strategic unless someone has inside information on what will happen to the ZSP,” adds Mabhena.

But Issaason  argues given that all applicant have been either working, studying or doing business in SA, they are entitled to be allowed to stay in SA.

“They are all productive and economically active members of South African society and do not see a future for themselves in Zimbabwe, as their families and friends have kept them informed of the situation there.

 “People are tired of living transitory lives,” adds Isaacson.

However a snap survey by this website on what people think, shows mixed sentiments, with otherwise arguing that because the Dispensation was a “favour” to Zimbabweans, people should just wait and be patient that risk “antagonising” the SA government.

Others add given that the action was not constitutional, a legal solution is not a good option, while others like Simon Magwiro from Boksburg says:” Even if they don’t extent our permits, we are not going anywhere, we were illegally before and we just stay here.”

Meanwhile if you want  to be part of  Issaacson’s action email leon@globalimsa.com or call 021-419-0934. – www.ZimsInSA.com reporter