Mkhize now Home Affairs minister as activists call for caution on false ZSP rumours

Mkhize now Home Affairs minister as activists call for caution on false ZSP rumours

March 31 2017- LITTLE known, (to the Zimbabwean community in SA) Hlengiwe Mkhize has been appointed Minister of Home Affairs, raising uncertanity among Zimbabweans, especially whose ZSP is expected to expire at the end of this year.

Malusi Gigaba, who has minister of Home Affairs is now heading Finance, after President Zuma fired Pravin Gordhan, which was then followed by mini cabinet reshuffle, last night.

Born in 1952, Mkhize  was the deputy minister of  Telecommunications and Postal Services 2014 and has been as a member of Parliament since 2009.

She is also chairperson of the Peace Commission of the South African Women in Dialogue since 2004; she also a Treasurer General of the African National Congress (ANC) Women’s League (WL) and became the member of the National Executive Committee of the WL since 2008.

“Naturally people are going to be sceptical on dealing with a new Home Affairs minister at a time when there is extreme anxiety over what will happen upon the expiry of ZSP but Gigaba could have already charted the way forward, and what is left is for her to make an announcement,” says one SA based activist.

However under pressure from its citizens, has been tightening immigration laws.

Meanwhile the  Zimbabwe Communist Party of SA, has urged Zimbabweans to be patient and ignore false statement circulating on social media.

“While we understand the concern by the holders of the ZSP on what will happen beyond 31 December 2017, we still call on every ZSP holder to await the announcement by the Minister or any Department of Home Affairs official mandated by her,” says a ZimComm SA statement.

“Let us not be victims to dubious organisations and bogus media websites ,who are now calling on the ZSP holders to make payments in some bank accounts,” says the statement, adding that the announcement to end the DZP and the introduction of the ZSP was done in August 2014.

“There is no need for us to chase the wind at this stage, we might fall victim to conmen /women out there. Verify any message by visiting the Home Affairs website. Anything not on the Home Affairs website is bogus.” says the statement. – reporter