Mugabe must pack and go now – Tsvangirai

Mugabe must pack and go now – Tsvangirai

November 16 2017 ‑ZIMBABWEAN President Robert Mugabe must resign and step down immediately in line with the national expectation and sentiment, for the people’s interest says MDC-T leader Morgan Tsvangirai on Thursday.

The opposition leader, who jetted back into the country from neighbouring South Africa on Wednesday night, said Mugabe should take his legacy and contribution to pre- and post independence Zimbabwe into regard.

Addressing journalists at his Highlands mansion in the capital late Thursday afternoon, Tsvangirai said Mugabe had, over the years, presided over “violent and rigged” elections.

“Unfortunately, regional bodies have tolerated this for far too long. Mugabe manipulates the voters’ roll, ballot papers and intimidates citizenry mostly in the rural areas through constitutional means. National solutions to national problems are best sculptured by the people of Zimbabwe with the solidarity of the international community,” he said.

“There should be a negotiated, all-inclusive transitional mechanism. The purpose, essence, nature and character of that mechanism must be agreed upon by all national stakeholders. There should be comprehensive reforms of a free, fair and credible election held upon the implementation of all reforms.”

Tsvangirai said Mugabe should be conscious of the people of Zimbabwe suffering as well as the concerns of the international community with regards the deteriorating Zimbabwean situation.

He said as the MDC-T, they had resolved that there should be an agreed post-election framework to guarantee stability, peace and national prosperity.

SADC, the AU, the UN and the broader international community must be the underwriters and guarantors to the roadmap to free and fair elections.

Former Vice-President and now opposition National People’s Party leader Joice Mujuru refused to comment on what she thought of Chiwenga.

“I will not comment on that,” she said.

She also would not be drawn into commenting if they had any prospects of being invited into a national transitional authority in case Mugabe agreed to handing over power.

Mujuru, who is next year’s presidential candidate for the People’s Rainbow Coalition, said they were heartened by “assurances from by leadership behind present political developments that condemns violence and encourages peace”.

“We are at a time that peace is only realised through maximum restraint and constructive interaction of ideas as Zimbabweans.”

The military took charge of the country early Wednesday morning, preferring to say it was not a coup, but protecting the interests of peace and the nation.

Major General Sibusiso Moyo in a live broadcast on TV and radio, said once they were done with their mission, they would return to the barracks. – ANA