Mugabe ‘s first grandchild on his way to Zimbabwe

ZIMBABWE’s President Robert Mugabe, the world’s oldest head of state at 92, has become a first-time grandfather  has officially  confirmedthat his daughter, Bona  had given birth to a baby boy in mid-April, state media reported Monday.
Even though the news of Mugabe becoming grandpa leaked a few weeks ago, there had been no official confirmation from the first family.
Mugabe, who visited his maternal uncles in Masvingo Province over the weekend, said that the child was still in a Far East country, presumably Singapore, where  it was born, accompanied by the 26-year-old mother Bona and First Lady Grace Mugabe. They are expected to return home, bringing the baby to his grandpa, in mid-May.
“The doctors said he should only travel by air after turning a month old, so they are due to arrive back home this month around 16 or 17,” he said.
At the weekend’s event, Mugabe  narrated  his history from early childhood days when he used to herd cattle with the other boys of his age and expressed gratitude to his uncle for fending for him and sending him to school until he became a teacher. On a light note, Mugabe says his grandson can herd his cattle after growing up.

Bona married Zimbabwean pilot Simba Chikore in 2014 when her two younger brothers had just entered their twenties. She also did her tertiary  in Hong Kong and Singapore, with her father saying she had chosen a Far East country to give birth  because she knew the doctors there. – Xinhau edited by Patience Rusere