Mujuru remains in Zim as acting president after reports of resignation

Mujuru remains in Zim as acting president after reports of resignation

JOHANNESBURG – AFTER widespread media speculation, yesterday, beleaguered  Zimbabwean vice president remained in office, as acting president after President Robert Mugabe left for Zambia.

Online news site ZimEye, News 24 and later BBC in a story they later took down, reported that Mujuru, apparently fed up with constant personal attacks against, had finally thrown in the towel and tendered in her resignation.

Quoting unnamed but reliable sources ZimEye said Mugabe turned down her resignation and told her to “finish what she had started.” The news website said it could not get official confirmation of the resignation.

Mugabe was in Lusaka for Zambian president Michael Sata’s funeral today. sources in Harare confirmed that Mujuru was  not only in her office but was acting as president as is the norm when Mugabe is out of the country.

The source described the rumours as “nonsense”.

However it is no secret that all is not well in Zanu-PF, a fact which became apparent when first lady Grace Mugabe started publicly throwing insults at Mujuru, accusing her of wanting to overthrow her husband, corruption and even murdering her husband Solomon Mujuru a few years ago.

“It is difficult to know what actually goes on in Zanu-PF as they like to keep their cards close to their chest. They are very different from the MDC’s who even write about whats going on on their Facebook page walls,” says our source in Harare.

However despite the culture of secrecy in Zanu-PF there have been reports of the army being placed on high alert in the run-up to the  party’s congress next month.

There have been clashes and demonstrators,  supporting either Grace or Mujuru, while Mashonaland West Themba Mliswa, who is alleged to be in the Mujuru camp having been ousted.

Chairman of Harare, Ambassador Amos Midzi, Mashonaland East chair, Ray Kaukonde as well as  Matebeleland  South  chairmanAndrew Langa have also been shown the door, while Mujuru herself has remained deafeningly silent on all these developments.