My calling is not to rule but to serve Zimbabweans, says FZC chief JM Busha

My calling is not to rule but to serve Zimbabweans, says FZC chief JM Busha

SOFT spoken but clearly a man with steely determination is how one would possibly best describe SA based Zimbabwean businessman and politician Joseph Busha.

Though Busha  has an  impressive business and political CV, which  includes being the founder and managing director of JM Busha Investment Group and the president of a political party called FreeZim Congress,  he  Busha  still refuses to describe himself as a businessman or a politician but a social worker, who is committed to working for the people.

“I am not a businessman but a social worker, who is involved in activities that have to do with the well being of people. I am there to serve people, alleviate poverty of humanity,” says Busha during an interview with at his offices in the upmarket Johannesburg suburb of Dunkeld, recently.

Born 52 years ago, Busha came to South Africa, 26 years ago, initially to study before deciding to settle in SA well before the Zimbabwean crisis reached its melting point.

On why he left  his home country, Busha says he  the tell tale  signs of a looming crisis were there, when a number of politicians, who have now joined the country’s opposition were still chanting pro-Zanu-PF slogans,

“I came here to continue with my studies but I could foretell that the problems that we now have,” but is quick to add that he still very much in touch with issues at home, and visits Zimbabwe once a week, as part of his personal calling to help save the people of Zimbabwe.

“I am always home, I know what the people at home are going through, in fact I know more than what even those who are in Zimbabwe know and been to corners of the country. I would like to describe myself as a citizen of SADC,” says Busha who says he almost became a Catholic priest but still believes he serves and helps people through his business, which among other thing offers financial services and funeral plans for at the cheapest possible price for ordinary people.

One of the products offered by JM Busha Investment Group  is “The Burial Assist,” which was started earlier this year but already has  about 24 000 people, who have signed up for it.

For only R10 people can be covered for up to R10 000 and the pay out is disbursed in cash. It targets your low income groups and allows any group of people to come together under a constitution.

“The benefits are that the more you are the less the premiums, than if you were to subscribe as individual,” explains Busha.

But although Busha’s achievements in the business world are apparent, and  he plays them down with considerable humility, it is his determination and apparent passion to serve his people, despite achieving so much in the comfort of Mzansi, that is quite striking.

Moreso especially at a time when Zimbabweans in SA and the world over are having to rethink on the political situation in Harare.

Busha who says he nearly became a Catholic priest  says  he is going to become Zimbabwe’s next president, as statement which  he repeats  several times during  the two hour long interview with this reporter.

But how,  where many have failed.? What is that he would be bringing to the table that makes him stand out where many have failed to dislodge President Robert Mugabe, 36 year old rule?

“Unlike all the politicians my goal is to be the people’s servant and not the other way round. The problem with  the  current politicians we have are those who are into politics to for selfish reasons. I am there and I putting myself out to serve the people,” is his simple response.

Busha also says he is confidence also stems from the fact that being Zimbabwe’s next president is a calling from God, starting from the mid 70’s, when he was involved  in activism  in the liberation struggle as a young man, a war  he says only managed to liberate the country from Britain.

“That freedom unfortunately did not translate into social and economic freedom. I have a calling to serve and a calling is not for everyone, my ambitions to be president are a special calling from God. Zimbabweans have suffered enough to the point where a Zimbabwean will rather have a passport than an educational certificate,” he says.

Busha says the current opposition politicians have played their role and he has been working quietly but hard in Zimbabwe to be the country’s next president.

“Zimbabweans are going to choose me because I am not going to rule them but going out to be their servant. A lot of people have been selling ‘hope’ and putting their careers first, but I am giving up my private life, my business for them,” he says.

“Even President Mugabe is going to be happy and relieved when I  take the pressure off him,” adds the father of three with a chuckle.

“Some politicians have been part of Zanu-PF for 36 years, what new things can they bring to the table, while others boast of having people at their rallies but that hasn’t taken them to State House,” he says adding that he has been quietly making inroads in Zimbabwe, thus his weekly visits and will be  making public  his plans as 2017 approaches.

On the issue of electoral reforms being conducive to a fair election, Busha retorts :”Did the inception of  a new Constitution bring any changes?”

“When the time comes we will make the announcements but a lot has been going on, on the ground and I am going to the President of Zimbabwe in 2018,” he says with finality.

With that kind of confidence and belief, it is difficult, not to keep expect something headline grabbing from this man.  – Patience Rusere