DJ releases  new  Zim dancehall compilation

DJ releases new Zim dancehall compilation

LUTON -AS  THE year 2015  starts, a group of Zimbabwe’s most talented Zimdancehall producers have formed a group known as Zim Reggae Producers (ZRP)  to  take  Zim dancehall music to international standards through compilation of 263 Reggae Explosion within the Zimbabwean dancehall industry.

The negativity and loss of direction in Zimbabwe dancehall music is what has prompted this grouping to come up with  the idea. Producers and fans of Zimdancehall music have all been accused within the music circles of being too violent since the stoning of Dancehall artist Kalado on stage in September 2013. Since then it has become apparent that violence has taken its toll especially with dancehall music prompting fences being built around stages to protect artists from such violence

ZRP is behind well known names in the industry including Eyespy, Kutso and Warrior Music, Jeepers, Tman Mt Zion, Dexter, Kritical beats, Qcee, Dollargettaz, Seku Bee, Taffytrmobil backed internationally recognized producers Jusa Dementor and Abra Simzz of Abra Records as co-founders of Zim Reggae Producers (ZRP)

The groups main objective is to make the music more positively accepted and heighten the industry to achieve an international recognition according to Kutso a well known respected Zim dancehall producer . “We have enough talent and are therefore appealing to a wide audience in order to achieve this”

The group’s first project will be a continuous compilation of both Reggae and Ragga vibes from a multiple of renowned producers every few months through these compilations that will focus on branding artists and producers already internationally recognized by teaming them up with local brands of Zimbabwe’s serious contenders along side those of other leading Africans countries within the music industry.

ZRP is led and managed by the outspoken former Zifm radio personality, veteran Simukai Mandizvidza popularly known to his adoring fans as ”Abra Simzz” who anticipates the upcoming compilations a competitor to the Jamaica’s Reggae Gold series.

The two compilations to be dubbed 263 Reggae Explosion and 263 Ragga Explosion will also contain best commercial radio hits from both established and upcoming artists with a blend of exclusive picks from both ZRP brain trust of the ultimate summer and winter Zimbabwe Reggae and Ragga experience respectively.

263 Reggae and 263 Ragga Explosion will also give artists an opportunity to be honoured by being included on this compilation.

Says Saidi Jeepers ”Even though not every artist will be able to win a Zimdancehall award, the fruits of their works will at least be able to be recognized as well on these compilations.” adding ”The first compilation of the series will be 263 Reggae Explosion and will feature productions from Kutso, Abra Simzz , Dollargeterz, Tman Qcee and Dexter Almighty.

The compilation will comprise twenty songs featuring artists like Lipsy, Qunofuzed, Docas, Josmas, Celcius, Ras Caleb, Sweetness, Platinum , Prince Ngonie, Kambarami, the late Godfrey Makawa aka Flawa and many more. - Pamtengo radio

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