No randificiation after Mugabe SA visit

No randificiation after Mugabe SA visit

October 6 2017  – AFTER  social media speculation that Zimbabwean president Robert Mugabe and his SA counterpart President Jacob Zuma would ease Zim’s cash crunch by introducing the rand, RBZ governor has again thrown cold water on the idea.

Speaking to Zimbabwean newspapers after Mugabe’s just ended visit to SA for the second session of the South Africa-Zimbabwe Bi-National Commission (BNC), Mangudya dismissed the reports a s “fake news,” drawing disappointment and criticism from Zimbabweans.

Communist Party of Zimbabwe secretary general Nqabutho Mabhena, says   it was disappointing t that Mugabe did not push to become a member of the Rand Union.

“We are disappointed that there was no agreement on Zimbabwe becoming a member of the Rand Union. This in our view, will address the cash crisis in the immediate term, but in the long term, we need to rebuild our industries,” says Mabhena

He however said the Communist Party welcomes Zuma and Mugabe’s commitment to speed up the establishment of a one-stop border post at Beitbridge, aimed at easing congestion.

The newly-formed opposition party, Ideal Zimbabwe, on the other hand, dismissed Mugabe’s recent trip saying they would not benefit Zimbabwe.

“The trade is tilted 100 percent in South Africa’s favour. Zanu PF has auctioned off our country to South Africa including through slavery, labour and so on,” says party president Tinashe Jonas –