Protecting yrself from SexTing

Protecting yrself from SexTing

June 05 2017 – WHILE exchanging  salacious pictures between two consenting adults can actually add some spark to one’s sex life, can sexting go horribly wrong?

Well, yes.

We have all heard scandals of people whose private bits were exposed for all and sundry to see, with Minister in the Presidency Jeff Radebe’s name coming to mind after the sexting scandal. Needless to say, the ripple effects can be downright embarrassing.

The infamous Sisipho video that caused a social media stir can be a classic example of sexting that went south very quickly.

Remember, sources said that Sisipho initially made the video for the private viewing eyes of her boyfriend, and how it ended up on social media, and why, remains a big subject of debate.

Is there a way to prevent sexting going wrong?

“One has to be very strategic about how they actually go about sexting, that’s all,” says Mofenyi Malepe, a self-proclaimed sex guru and author.

“You have to take into consideration different scenarios in your mind that could land you in hot water should your pictures or chats be exposed.

“That should lead you to tread very carefully before you take the snapshot.

Malepe says that the person you are sexting with is the starting point, and that there are different calibres of people you may be contemplating sexting with:

This is probably the most dangerous, because people become too comfortable too quickly, especially if they are sexting in a relationship that is only a few months old.

Relationships end, and the bitterness that comes with the aftermath of a break-up can lead some people to want to get revenge on you by publicising your private pictures.

Simple, when you try to break up or end it, they could show your partner the pictures to try and ruin your relationship.

This is very careless. Sexting should not be with someone who could potentially try to blackmail you or resort to extortion of some kind.

It could backfire in that if your interactions take a tumble, they could claim the pictures were unsolicited, and file a harassment suit in an attempt to get you fired.

While those gloomy scenarios may be scary enough to put one off sexting indefinitely, Malepe says there are ways one could protect themselves from sexting nightmares:

Do not, under any circumstances, leave a trail of evidence that starts with your documented words soliciting nudes.

If you are going to send a racy picture, make sure that your face is cut off or unidentifiable.

Also make sure that there are no obvious identification marks showing like tattoos, birthmarks or a familiar background.

Always double-check that you are sexting the picture to the right person before pressing send.

You can always tell when the sexy conversation is one-sided. Retract immediately. Change the topic, or end the chat.

Choose your words very carefully, and leave room for multiple interpretations. – SowetanLive