Running battles in Harare as anti-bond march turns violent

Running battles in Harare as anti-bond march turns violent

RIOT  police fought running battles with protestors in Harare’s Central Business District today, Wednesday.

The clash came after riot police officers blocked unemployed graduates who were on their way to hand over  a petition against unemployment to Parliament.

Riot police first pounced on the peaceful protestors near Parliament building but the protestors later regrouped and attacked the police with stones forcing the riot police officers to retreat.

The police later came back  with guns and teargas forcing the protestors to  disperse but some of them  and passer bys were injured because of  police brutality.

One of them BBC journalist Christopher Mahove was injured after riot police officers pounced on him during a clampdown and confiscated his recorder

Zimbabwean police have fired teargas and water cannons to break up anti government protests in the capital Harare. Police beat up several journalists covering the protests Wednesday, smashing a video camera and attacking a journalist’s car, breaking windows and taking a laptop. AP additional reporting Patience Rusere