SA based Zim’s Future Levi carves niche as next reggae king

SA based Zim’s Future Levi carves niche as next reggae king

June 2 2018 -WITH most Zimbabwean youth dumping original reggae (conscious) for Zimdancehall leaving it just in the hands of just a few notable artists like Mic Inity,Power Rasta,Cello Culture,Transit Crew and Mannex being the only notable names in the internationally accepted genre,a new kid on the block SA based Future Levi has stepped in to show class and exceptional talent to be the next king of the genre by fans.

Whats striking is the Levi’s decision to swip against the current tide, opting for a genre which many are shunning mostly because of its high demand of pure talent,this alone is a signal of how extra-ordinary and confident the young lad is,as he could have easily chosen for the somehow shallow Zimdancehall where he could have made a name right away.

Future Levi real name Lenin Musiwa, may be an upstart but his latest offering in nothing but an exhibition of class and massive talent which is going to take not just the genre but the music fraternity by storm.

Levi is gifted with thought provoking lyrics with most of which are educative and have deep meanings.

He blends such a rare gift with a good voice which will remind many of the global stars of genre and is properly managed and marketed in this young man we may be about to have our own international star.

To show that he is ready for an international audience most of Levi’s songs are in English a language which is likely to make him readily listened to and appreciated by an international audience.

The language issue is a masterstroke by the youngster as language barriers have been obstacles to many local artistes such as Alick Macheso,Winky D,Sniper Storm just to mention but a few.

In Levi there is every reason for all music fans and mostly reggae fans to be hopeful as he possess a special talent which seems to very new on the local scene. – Daniel Tonderai Muzana