SA Tajamuka demands ZSP renewal and diaspora vote

SA Tajamuka demands ZSP renewal and diaspora vote

June 27 2017 –  BARELY  a week after SA based Tajamuka, caused drama at a Sandton hotel,  forcing a business conference being attended by vice president  Emmerson Mnangwagwa, to  be moved elsewhere the group gathered at the Zimbabwean Embassy in Pretoria today,  demanding a diaspora vote among other issues.

“There were Embassy officials who accepted our memorandum and they undertook to make sure the Ambassador gets it and perhaps arrange a meeting. One of the official’s name was Sibanda I think,” says protest organiser Joe Marikosi.

“We want to be allowed to vote in SA freely and fairly like the civil servants can outside the country,” says  Marikosi adding they also are demanding that the Zimbabwean government  put pressure on their SA counterparts to renew ZSP.

“So we can remain in the country legally, support our families and be able to bring in the investment they were talking about last week in Sandton. We were also marching in solidarity with the UZ medical students who were marching in Harare yesterday,” says Marikosi.

 SA police ended up  dispersing some of the protesters, after they insisted on being addressed by Zimbabwean ambassador, Isaac Moyo, who was said to be away in Musina.

“To be honest that was a minor incident, and now where horrendous to be fair,” says Marikosi.

The small but emotionally charged crowd , which also a planted a Rhodesian flag outside the embassy, had initially refused to hand over their  memorandum to two  Embassy officials but after protracted negotiations ended up doing so, with a few refusing to leave.

“They promised us a meeting with the ambassador, but we will see what happens” says  Marikosi  – reporter