Zimbabweans in South Africa should start preparing to go home and vote in 2018

Zimbabweans in South Africa should start preparing to go home and vote in 2018

The MDC T SA Provincial council, which was recently held Bloemfontein  gave the leadership in South Africa a fresh and renewed mandate to implement visibility  party programs with synergy, where I as provincial organ have immediately embarked on a country wide tour of  visiting party structures  and  meeting people  as  the leader of  a mobilisation and recruitment team on the ground.

SA is a very important electoral constituency because of its financial influence back home and its proximity to Zimbabwe and the party’s SA structures represent  all of Zimbabwe’s  10 Provinces and 210 districts local municipalities .

We there for inform all Zimbabweans living  in SA that the MDC led by our visionary President Morgan Tsvangirai is active in all our SA Provinces as represented by districts and branches in the South African geographical provinces and  Zimbabweans are encouraged to attend our meetings and rallies to get  the right  information on what is really happening in their country and here in SA.

So far we are  all over  Johannesburf, recently we held demonstrations  in Swaziland against the dictator  at a  SADC meeting that was held there. The  week before  we were in Hamanskraal  and we are moving unapologetically with our  mobilization program.

We are pushing for diaspora vote albeit the challenges and even if  we don’t get it, this will not stop us  from going home to cast our votes.

Therefore we are   encouraging everyone to register at home so that they are eligible to vote, So lets start preparing now by starting to ave  your bus fare now to go home during the 2018 elections. Negotiate with your employers or make arrangements in your business  because every vote counts to remove the dictator Robert Mugabe and ZANU PF.

People should not be fooled by food parcels and other financial incentives luring them to join some fly by night political parties who mushroom towards national elections every five years.

Though  its their democratic right to do so  but we must remember that Mugabe uses these minority no name parties to divide the opposition votes. Some of these noneties will take your vote back to ZANU PF.

There is only one popular household name that Zanu PF is afraid of  in Zimbabwe and that party is  t is the MDC T led  by  President Morgan Tsvangirai.

We encourage all our sister organisations, NGOS, labour, faith based groups, #pressure groups and small political parties to rally behind him in 2018.

While our political party leaders in Zimbabwe continue engaging in NERA trying to level the playing fields for free and fair elections let us collectively as Zimbabweans in diaspora mobilize, network and conscientise our people on how important  the 2018 elections are.

Nothing can beat numbers. Mugabe rigging machines and his insatiable desire to cling on power must falter in 2018.

We  have other districts and branch contacts all over the country and those who want more information or want to join the party must not hesitate to contact us on our website, and email mdcsouthafrica@yahoo.com,ndlovutust20@yahoo.com or 0765618846.

Trust Ndlovu is the Organising Secretary of the Movement for Democratic Change led by Morgan Tsvangirai.

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