Before the Spaghetti roads, Nelson

Before the Spaghetti roads, Nelson

by Patience Rusere

June 28 2018 -NELSON, and I will call you Nelson, because that is how I have known you all these years, before (to me) your expected rise to presidency of Zimbabwe’s largest opposition parties.
As July 30 looms, I can only wish you the best, as it is always a good thing to see your age mates grow from the young man I used to know at Harare Polytechnic to where you are now.

However I donot wish to dwell on the your controversial ascension to power or to judge who was wrong, as both you and Madame Khupe I knew and hosted several times in my third home, in the US I diligently covered Makhupe, from 2 000, when she walloped Sthembiso Moyo to when she became Party VP. Though i will say your fallout does pain me, given that you guys walked a long and painful road together.
All I will say though is, I have read with interest the debate surrounding your election promises of Spaghetti roads and Bullet trains. I for one understand your vision, drive and youthful energy.
I donot know what you mean’t exactly and how you plan to do this, and how feasible it is, but what I do know is that while your ideas and dreams of Zimbabwe are commendable, what Zimbabweans need right now before Spaghetti roads, is the basics first.
My grandmother before the Spaghetti roads and Bullet trains, needs cash in the banks, basic medical care, a currency we can call our own, a good road infrastructure with no potholes, employment for her children and vazukurus, then perhaps we can talk about spaghetti roads. So essentially what I am saying is that ordinary Zimbabweans need their basic needs taken care of first before we go all sophisticated on them, So if by any chance you do win after July 30, we hope you will address those basic issues first, And oh yours truly needs assurance that your government will change laws to allow those in the Diaspora to vote.

While we on basics, I would encourage you to renovate and fix Morgan Tsvangirai House, so it goes hand in hand with the renaming Harvest House, to make it a real fitting tribute to the late great Morgan Tsvangirai. As the saying goes Charity begins right at home, lets see you walk the talk from the get go, show us what you made of, before you e go Spaghetti.
I know issues of money crop up, but I am sure if you ask the people who attend your rallies for even $5 or even $2, you will raise enough money. This will show and start from “Home” that your government can truly govern, and that the Briiiiitish (Mugabe accent) when they visit, will be suitably impressed.

Still on the matter of funds, your UK, US structures need to be revamped and seriously urge member there like those who came for your rally in the UK, to be the Party’s fundraising committee, with member donating even as little as 5 pounds for the Party. Some of these guys just wlak around , showing off that they are this and that, but with no evidence of actively contributing to and for the Party.
SA was even in ICU, a few months ago, and now that your Chairperson has thrown his lot with MaKhupe, i sincerely hope something is/has been done there. You might need the peoplein Mzansi because of proximity not only come and vote for you, but throw a jambaja for you, should things go South for you after July 30th.
Kindly also DISband the Vanguard, I can write a book about the dangers of having a militia, but this can only end badly and send very worrisome signals, to those who doubt your ability and sincerity. I am not sure what their role is , but they must be DISbanded.
Secondly my Grandmother in Murehwa let alone myself, cannot be bothered or is not literate enough for these SMART manifestos, is it possible, in the next 30 days write a simple 5 or 10 point plan on how you will revive the economy.
Alsp we hope your aspiring MPs have a code of conduct they can adhere to, that will guide them and keep them in check always. This Jesse Majome and Joanna Mamombe spat in Harare West is not good for the Party.
Also, most importantly, I know you have had record crowds, throughout the country, But does your Party have a plan B, SHOULD ED and Chiwenga either refuse to cede power or it turns out they have rigged the elections, since your Party seems determined to run but at the same complaining vociferously that the playing field is tilted in ED’s favour.

In the unfortunate event that you lose is it possible we have Shadow ministers from your Party, along the lines of SA’s DA?

Instead of playing into the hands of some groups of people who are trying to raise the tribal flag(which is the last thing we need given the multitude of problems we already have), can you please preach the language of peace and unity to ALL green passport holders and be brave enough to tell them that ALL Zimbabweans are suffering and no one region is more poorer than the other.
As much as we have Zimbabweans in foreign countries such as SA, and Nigerians in Zimbabwe anyone of any tribe should be allowed to work and live where they want regardless of their tribe.
If anybody feels aggrieved by past atrocities, they must direct their anger to that guy living peacefully at Blue Roof, with his wife and vazukurus. Speaking of which maybe I missed it but what are plans about this guy, is he going to get away with ALL of it and we have ED take ALL the blame for Zanu-PF’s misrule, thought i would ask before we talk about the Spaghetti roads.

I am not one for long letters, but though before we talk about spaghetti roads I raise some issues , which I think are more important and pressing .
In conclusion wishing you all the best on July 30 and hoping that the best (wo)man wins to take us .

Patience Rusere is a former journalist and International Broadcaster with Voice of America’s Studio 7 and editor and founder of news website for Zimbabweans in SA, She writes to presidential aspirant Nelson Chamisa in her personal capacity.