Suspected Zimbabwean bank robber found with 7 ID’s

Suspected Zimbabwean bank robber found with 7 ID’s

March 24 2017 – THE  Randburg Magistrate’s Court has ordered one of the two men accused of the theft of FNB safety deposit boxes to explain his frequent visits to Zimbabwe and why he has seven Identity Documents.

Norman Moeli and co-accused Maredi Letsoalo‚ aged 44‚ who are facing charges of conspiracy to commit housebreaking and theft at an FNB branch in Randburg‚ appeared in court on Wednesday this week for the continuation of their bail application.

The application was postponed previously for the Department of Home Affairs to determine Moeli’s nationality.

He has been asked to submit copies of his parents’ identity documents or death certificates‚ his birth certificate and primary and high school letters. Moeli told the court that he is South African but the investigating officer discovered that he frequently visited Zimbabwe before his arrest. He also found that Moeli  has seven Identity Documents.

Despite a request by his lawyer to go ahead with the bail application without  the required documents, Magistrate Gail Pretorious‚ however‚ said she was not keen to proceed with the bail application without  a home affairs official being present in court.

She instructed Moeli’s lawyer that when the matter goes back to court next month‚ he must explain why he owns seven IDs and his visits to Zimbabwe. “[Moeli] has to address the court on why he has seven IDs and the reasons for the constant visits to the neighbouring country‚” Pretorious said.

It is the state’s case that that the men drilled through the wall to gain access to the bank vault. More than 360 safety deposit boxes containing valuables such as firearms‚ jewellery‚ money‚ and documents‚ were stolen. – TMG Digital