“Love sweets” craze hits Zim women

“Love sweets” craze hits Zim women

July 15 2017 – THERE is a wide array of “wonder” pills, herbs (off the shelf), which are being sold in Harare, ostensibly targeted at women, who want to  stop their men from wandering or to keep themselves attractive.

The products are the new craze in town are in the form of dried fruit and pills, commonly known as “sweets” which traders c claim thave “supernatural” powers to enhance and literally “sweeten” bedroom antics, bring back lost lovers and “loosen” a stingy spouse’s wallet.

A few years ago, SA women went into a frenzy over the “sweets” and media in that country went into overdrive about the phenomenon, with publications like the Sowetan reporting that the mysterious fruit or herb (origins were never established) was an instant hit with female clients, who professed amazing results.

In Zimbabwe, they are being sold in some shops in the city centre, as well as in private residences, especially in the Avenues area.

Ranging from $US1 to $US10 for the most expensive, the herbs are selling like hot cakes, with one of the  fliers claiming  that if one tries the products, they will “enjoy their marriage/love life”.

The one called chinamira, which sells for US$2 (loosely translated to mean that which sticks permanently) is most popular with her female clients and “marinates daddy”, so he  will not look at another woman.

It looks like a dried fruit, with a white coating and it tastes like a peach and its seeds are similar to a peach’s.

Then there are the equally popular pink pills that supposedly increase body temperature and “cleanse the system,” going at $US 2 for four.

There are also crystals, which are supposed to revive waning sexual feelings.

On the packaging, there are inscriptions in a foreign language and the ‘Black Bomb’ causes fireworks in the bedroom. Those who have used it can testify to this,” says the woman, with a wink  adding that that also available is “coffee powder” meant to enhance sexual feelings.

There are a variety of juices, love drops, “Follow Me”, that she says increases sexual libido but are a bit pricey going for $US10.

For women with collapsed wombs, there is a remedy in the form of amarula bark, which is said to tighten the loose bits.

“They can also use this sweet (which resembles a lollipop, minus the stick), which sorts out the ‘loose wombs’ caused by childbirth,” she explains.

Then there is thambomagetsi (live wire). These look like thin strips of a bark with a sweet sour taste.

“This one is for the cold-blooded. If you chew it, your body will be so hot,” says the woman, who also has a variety of male products, including herbal teas for cleansing and increasing virility. – NewsDay