Transport companies urged not to overwork drivers during festive season

Transport companies urged not to overwork drivers during festive season

AS PEOPLE shutdown for the festive season, the SA based Zimbabwe Communist Party, has asked transport operators not to exploit their workers and ultimately endangering the lives of those in the Diaspora and particularly those in South Africa travelling by road.

“We have observed over the years that during the festive season, transport operators want to exploit workers in this sector by forcing them to work long hours without any rest in the name of making money,” says Zimbabwe Communist Party, general secretary Ngqabutho Mabhena.

“As Communists, we call on public transport operators to allow their workers to rest ,if there is high demand for transport, public transport operators must employ temporary workers to assist instead of asking one driver to drive from Bulawayo (or Harare) to Johannesburg without resting,” adds Mabhena

This also comes after this website reported a day ago bout the death of three Zimbabweans, including the driver of an InterCity bus from Bulawayo, along the N1 to Zimbabwe. The exact circumstances are not known but SA police say they were investigating the accidents.

Mabhena also say passengers should be vigilant in looking after their safety by also checking on the drivers.

“If passengers realise that the driver is tired, they should allow him/her to park on the side of the road and rest,” he says.

“We further call upon the as traffic police not to ask for bribes at roadblocks but to check if the vehicles are roadworthy. We cannot afford to lose more workers during the festive season through road accidents.

“The only way to stay safe, is to avoid driving under the influence of alcohol and driving within the speed limit.” – Patience Rusere