Trump’s personal fortunes shrink

Trump’s personal fortunes shrink

DONALD  Trump’s fortune has shrunk by  US$800 million to US$ 3.7 billion dollars, according to the Forbes list of
billionaires on (today) Thursday.

The magazine’s list ranks Trump 502nd out of total of 1 810 billionaires worldwide. In March the real estate magnate and current Republican presidential candidate was ranked 324th.

For decades Trump has disputed Forbes’ estimates of his fortune. The 70-year-old tycoon has claimed his net worth to be in the range of  US$10 billion .

According to Forbes, Trump’s assets were affected by a downturn in the New York real estate market. The New Yorker’s fortune has played a central role in the US election, as Trump has claimed his enormous wealth renders him independent.

Because the candidate has yet to make his tax returns public, Trump’s exact worth remains a riddle. Forbes’ figures are estimates based on public sources, and the magazine doesn’t claim them to be definitive.

The individuals in this year’s Forbes list have a combined worth of  US$6.5 trillion dollars. However, the list itself has shrunk from last year’s record high of 1 826 billionaires. – dpa