Tsvangirai alone may not be the answer

Tsvangirai alone may not be the answer

YESTERDAY is absolutely relevant in determining Rhodesia’s transformation into Zimbabwe and naturally Zanu PF and Robert Mugabe come into in mind.

We were all Zanu PF at one point during the war and we fought against white domination, but nineteen years down the line in 1998 we realised that we had forgotten to fight against black domination.

Mugabe has relentlessly used these emotional scars of war to cash in on support from unsuspecting civilians of Zimbabwe.

It is common cause that the Chimurenga war was fought and there is no doubt that the surviving old crop of Zanu PF contributed and risked their lives to liberate Zimbabwe but it is important to remember that veryone contributed to the struggle in one way or the other, even those in MDC-T !

Zimbabweans and the country at large have paid back the liberators. Even “war veterans” who were born after the war were paid hefty packages as a gratuity for fighting the war which was soon to be followed by the illegal farm invasions, both which entered the nation’s inflation into the world black book records.

To add insult to injury, companies and banks were all not spared either.

Unemployment skyrocketed and the nation’s vibrant and most educated age group were scattered world over to do random and menial jobs for survival.

This is the time when someone has to stop Zanu Pf and Robert Mugabe. Is it going to be Itai Dzamara, Grace Mugabe, Welshman Ncube or Morgan Tsvangirai?

A lot is happening in the Zanu PF camp in its countdown to its congress and heads have already started to roll in the form of Rugare Gumbo and Jabulani Sibanda who were influential and controversial in the Zanu Pf circles.

The opposition should not read too much into the goings on  in the Zanu PF camp, but there is a need of a joint strategy to launch an incessant barrage against it.

This is the time when Morgan Tsvangirai has to show his wits and show the masses that he is indeed the Moses  of Zimbabwe.

But Tsvangirai might not  be able to do it all alone he needs all the support that he can get from all other stakeholders.

The man has foresight and has long called upon everyone to come into the big tent and assault Zanu PF where it hurts the most.

Victory is no longer just for MDC-T, but it is a victory for Zimbabwe.

It is a victory for a nation that has suffered for far too long under Mugabe and his party.

It is an open secret that Robert Mugabe’s intention with the people of Zimbabwe leaves a lot to be despised and nothing to be desired.

The people will not be silent forever! The peaceful people shall snap one day and all those responsible will pay one way or the other.

Tapiwa Diamond Chadya, is a political analyst  and also the director of Information and Publicity in the South African Youth Assembly of the Morgan Tsvangirai led Movement for Democratic Change. Chadya who describes himself as a devout Christian He studied law the University of KwaZulu Natal and  lives is in the Natal Midlands. He can be contacted on  27 (0)84 566 2756  or email him at mantronieqscie@cellc.blackberry.com



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