Water restrictions in Ekurhuleni still on

Water restrictions in Ekurhuleni still on

Water restrictions in Ekurhuleni still on

WATER restrictions in Ekurhuleni have not been relaxed the City said on Monday (today) as it dismissed claims that it had done so as unfounded.

Spokesperson Themba Gadebe said: “On the contrary Ekurhuleni is one of the municipalities that has yet to reach the required 15 percent water saving, as imposed by national government”.

The City said water savings are monitored on a weekly basis. However, since the water restrictions start the City was yet to reach the 15 percent target.

Gadebe said at a meeting on 7 December 2016 between the Department of Water and Sanitation, Rand Water and municipalities, Ekurhuleni recorded eight percent saving while neighbouring municipalities Johannesburg and Tshwane were at at 10.5 and 19.5 percent respectively for the week.

“Ekurhuleni has implemented water rationing from 9pm to 5am in the evenings in all areas according to a roster available on the City’s website,” said Gadebe. He said the business sector in Ekurhuleni was responding well to the call to save water

“An appeal goes out to all residents to heed the call and pledge with the City to save water,” said Gadebe.

The restrictions include: Low pressure to curb water use across the region, use of hosepipe and sprinkler system is prohibited,
no filling of swimming pool with municipal water, no watering from 6am to 6pm and thereafter only with a watering can/bucket.

Monthly consumption limit on households is 25kl (25,000 litres). If this is exceeded, a 10% fine is imposed.

Gadebe said the restrictions will only be reviewed in May 2017. – ANA