Why I left MDC T, former SA youth leader speaks out

Why I left MDC T, former SA youth leader speaks out

January 09 2018- WHILE calls for MDC-T president Morgan Tsvangirai to step down over concerns of his health, the New Year, which is incidently is an election year, has started out badly for the Party, with public resignations of former celebrities like the UK based Eric Knight of one of Tsvangirai’s loyalists and former SA Youth Chair, PE based Shelton Chiyangwa. Though some analysts have played down Knight’s resignation saying he probably leaves as an individual, there seems to be problems at Harvest House, over Tsvangirai’s succession. Instead of bringing the party together, this issue like it did to Zanu-PF may be the downfall of the MDC T. ZimsInSA.com sources say there is a lot of frustration to with attempts by senior party officials to try and use the national youth assembly to ascend Party vice president Nelson Chamisa to power by “frustrating all progressive minds in the party.”

Below is an excerpt of Chiyangwa’s letter:

Attention: MDCT PRESIDENT Morgan Tsvangirai
Standing commitee
National Council
National Youth Assembly

Re: Resignation from party positions and membership

Revolutionary greetings.

This day marks a historical moment in my life.My heart is heavy and painfully bleeding that i have had to listen to my inner being and make this powerful and strong decision.

I joined the MDC in 2001 just after my high school and fell in love with everything that the party represented. I became active mainly in 2005 when i moved to South Africa after the Murambatsvina operation where i lost the business i was running.

The establishment of diaspora strucrures gave me the opportunity to decide to actively participate in politics with the party that i loved so much.Am here glad that i was a part of the first structures in Eastern Cape and played a vital role across the province and entire south africa with many programs that kept the party visible and active in south Africa. I would also actively participate on most of not all youth assembly programs back home since and my work is on record.

In 2010 i married my long time sweetheart, a pastor’s only daughter Madeline.There is nothing that the party did not do for me on both my receptions in Port Elizabeth and Ruwa Zimbabwe.My councillor went all out and comrades,friends and family convened to celebrate my union. This was the moment when my family started to accept me more as a politician in the family. They were moved by the love they witnessed from party cadres.When we arrived at our honeymoon,i decided to discuss with my newly wed wife about my political career even more deeper though she already knew how involved i was.
I had to do this even before we start on what we had gone to honeymoon for.I had to make sure that i make my wife know and understand just how passionate i was with politics particulary the MDC as led by Morgan Tsvangirai. We spoke at length and my wife pledged to support me all the way.That alone made my honeymoon a memorable one.

Madeline has been supportive very much.She has had to endure lonely nights as i was “globetrotting” as other comrades would say for party business. Several times i would even take our only hard earned saving towards my travelling and many other party business.I will never forget how it was painful for me to leave her in bed in pain after she had a miscarriage 2011.I had just been elected to Provincial youth organ and needed to attend our very first meeting in Bethlehem Freestate S.A.. She begged me to go and be with the new leaders and that she was going to be fine and will pray for me.

I travelled the journey in tears but also filled with joy knowing that this was a result of the talk had at the honeymoon.God has blessed me with a powerful,loving and caring wife.Many will agree with me that its not easy especially when one is not in politics to have a blessed heart such as that of my wife. At times she would receive calls of insults because of me,she has had to sleep worried stressed whether i would make it back home but still she remained strong and supportive. My God i love her to bits.In 2013 God blessed us with a bay boy right at a time we were towards elections.Again i decided to let go of my employment against her wish especially when she was nursing a newly born baby.

I took off for Zimbabwe again to participate fully on the elections. I remember how much she cried as i left and yet a few hours later she sent me a very long message wishing me the best and praying that God protect me during the elections.I knew and believed in her prayer and word that God was going to spare me to raise my son Shekinah.

Fast forward to today. I rose through ranks from District youth chair,Provincial youth organ and Provincial Youth chairperson as well as national councillor.Am on record of unwavering support for thr MDCT and the party President pledging on social media that i was READY to die for Tsvangirai.

Today i stand here betrayed by the National Youth Assembly leadership.Reasons thereof am not at liberty to share as it does not help me in any way.I choose to be called a looser and have decided to walk away peacifully.I refuse to be a part of people who ravage each other everyday in a manner that one is nolonger safe with own comrades.Young people have reduced themselves to lousy pawns doing so little to advocate for youth space except for the chosen few.There are however great and well notable achievements the assembly has had and am humbled and applaude the good work.

Let it be clear that i no longer hold any vendatta.I have moved past that a long time ago.God has elevated me spiritually to a point where am seeing things more clearer and hence i have took much more time to reflect on my political future.I have known the MDC for all my life and it has been a part of my breath.I cannot continue to lie or pretend that am still attached the same way i was when i joined or a few months ago.I must admit that there some things that i cannot change hence the best way is to let go in as much it is PAINFUL.

I certainly do not regret any of my time in the MDC at all.I have made the best of my stay and time in everything i did with honesty and diligence. I forgive all those that have hurt me wether deliberately or ignorantly at the same time i wish to ask that those i might offended to find it their heart to forgive me.I would have loved that we travel this journey together but allow me to exit whilst we still can greet each other and relate. The MDC is a great party only if “criminal elements” around the leaders up there can be uprooted or dealt with. It still has the capacity to be the next government if members reform themselves and get back to the founding principles which i think have been lost. My departure from the MDC will obviously not cost the party anything since there is a big tent policy so a thousand more will join to replace me.

I know many will start to call me names with all sorts of demeaning words, *I REALLY DON’T CARE*.Remember taitombzviitawo tese each time someone decided to leave or join any other party. Go ahead with the same modus operandi that you know best *and be social media champions*.I have gone past that and now living a different and changed life.God has trusted me with even more responsibilities as an elder of one of the greatest denomination in Zimbabwe and across the world. Obviously what you saw in me is certainly not what God saw and i intend to put all my energy in enhancing the kingdom of God.I pray that you also let go of me in your hearts and wish that we remain good friends and buddies in the fight against zanu pf and the regime government……

To all those who still believed in me and stood with me in good,sad and difficult times may God continue to bless you and extend your TERRITORIES. You will always have a special place in my heart.We will forever remain best of friends and comrades in arms.If you love me you will respect the decision i just took…..And to those who could not wait to see my departure am sure thats a relief. I love you all with all my heart.We are not enermies at all,Lets cherish the best times we had and forget that which rifted us apart.

Am heading straight to the terraces for now where am sure i will be able to see things differently. Of cause the politician and activist in me will not give me rest for as long as the regime is still in power. *Until such a time am READY to serve elsewhere we will surely meet in the trenches.*

I’m very sorry to my pastor,my friends,relatives and most importantly my wife for taking this decision even against your advice.I know you wish the best for me but i just had to do this.I will forever be greatful for your support.

I have a lot of party regalia old and newly acquired in preparation for 2018 elections.I thought for some reason to give to my friends who i adore so much but then again *I REALISED THAT I WILL BE TOO EMOTIONALLY ATTACHED SEEING THEM IN THE REGALIA I BOUGHT WITH MY LITTLE HARD EARNED CASH,SO AM SIMPLY GOING TO BURN EVERYTHING AND START THE YEAR ON A CLEAN PAGE*.

*I wish the President Morgan Tsvangirai a speedy recovery.May the good Lord heal you and restore your health in Jesus name.No weapon formed against you shall prosper.*.

I do hereby announce that today 31st December 2017 i sieze to be a member of the Movement for Democratic Change Tsvangirai.

Thank you

Asante Sana

Iwe neni tine basa

Shelton Chiyangwa