Winnie is not happy in the ANC, says Juju

JOHANNESBURG – WINNIE Madikizela-Mandela is not happy in the ANC, EFF leader Julius Malema said on Sunday.

“The reality is that she’s not happy in the ANC, and she wants to call us back into his unhappiness? No…we have been

traumatised enough,” Malema told journalists during the party’s first elective conference in Bloemfontein.

African National Congress veteran Madikizela-Mandela told the SABC she hoped Malema would go back to the ANC, from which

he had been expelled.

“I hope to bring Julius, to bring him back home one day, before I sleep forever,” she told the SABC. But  Malema said there was no possibility of that happening.

“We appreciate the way they led the political struggle, but the fact is the ANC will never change. Things are not as they were before.”

He said Madikizela-Mandela had only known the ANC all her life.

ANC deputy president Cyril Ramaphosa was worse than party leader, President Jacob Zuma, Malema said.

“Do you think the ANC, moving from Zuma to Cyril would change? Cyril is worse than Zuma.

“Cyril sees a transaction in every political engagement. You send him to Lesotho and at the back of his mind is the diamonds in

that country. When you tell him to fix Eskom he thinks about the possibility of supplying coal to Eskom.”

The EFF is expected to nominate and elect its top six leaders later on Sunday. -  Sapa