WOZA petitions Kasukwere as Zanu-PF readies for more protests

WOZA petitions Kasukwere as Zanu-PF readies for more protests

AS media reports talk of a planned demonstration against Local Government minister Saviour Kasukwere by a group within his Zanu-PF party,  WOZA held a protest today, against the harassment of vendors in Harare today.

About 600 WOZA members gathered at the Ministry of Local Government  and  handed over a petition  to Kasukwere’s secretary.

The protestors sang songs such as ‘vendor’s aramba’ ( vendors have refused) and ‘Mavendor musawashungurudze’ ( do not abuse vendors).

They also held prayers calling for Zimbabweans to respect the right to trade and called on divine intervention to stop the looting of vendor’s

“As women and mothers of this city, we ask that you work towards finding solutions that will cater for both the interests of the local authority and informal traders. Women have to put food on the table. They live at the sharp end of desperation seeing children’s faces showing hunger and this is what motivates them to try and find food, “ says a WOZA statement released today.

“Vendors should not be persecuted for trying to feed their families. We expect you as our Minister to protect the rights of vendors and allow for peaceful trading,” adds WOZA.

Some of the demands in the petition are that the City council collect s vending fees, allow Park Rite Africa to collect a second payment and for  receipts for confiscated goods from all police officers seizing these – for transparency and accountability.

The group is also demanding to know where looted goods are taken and the process to help recover goods.

“Vendors should be allowed to reclaim their goods. It is an injustice to give the first lady, Grace Mugabe confiscated goods for her political campaigns. Where is the justice for those affected by this looting?”

Meanwhile a Zanu PF group calling itself the Revolutionary Guards is planning a protest march against Kasukuwere, who is also the party’s commissar, slated for this Friday in Harare.

They accuse Kasukwere of “unbridled ambition for high office, causing confusion and unnecessary fights in the ruling party”.

The protest march, said to have the backing of all Zanu PF’s administrative provinces country-wide.

In their  petition against Kasukuwere, which they accuse him “of creating divisions, premature succession talk and CIA infiltration” would be handed the party’s president Robert Mugabe.

Although Mugabe claimed factionalism in Zanu PF had ended with the ouster of former vice president Joice Mujuru , which were supposed to clear the way for long-time rival Emmerson Mnangagwa to succeed Mugabe, new fissures have since emerged with a group of younger cadres said to include Kasukuwere and Jonathan Moyo,said to be bitterly opposed to a Mnangagwa succession. – www.zimsinsa.com