www.zimsinsa.com and MIWUSA  launch labour column for migrants in SA

www.zimsinsa.com and MIWUSA launch labour column for migrants in SA

AS part of our  efforts at www.ZimsInsSA.com  to promote the interests of Zimbabweans in South Africa, the website will be launching a labour column, in conjunction with the Migrant Workers Union of South,(MIWUSA) an advocacy group to help migrants in South Africa enjoy decent working conditions.

It is common knowledge that most migrants come to SA to work but often  face challenges at the work and doubly so,  because they not only  vulnerable to ruthless employers, but especially so  because they are non-SA citizens.

Migrant workers are often exploited because they are not legally in the country but are desperate to earn a living, often being paid less than locals , are  denied their salaries and wages because they are illegal and having their money withheld because their permits would have expired etc.

So  MIWUSA, General Secretary, Mandla Masuku, who has also studied Labour and Unionism at Wits University and  whose organisation has been helping migrants on  labour issues, will be  writing on issues to do with Migrant Labour, cases that his organisation has dealt with,  share stories about migrant workers that MIWUSA has helped as well as tips and advise on where and how to seek help, when YOU  or someone you know is  treated unfairly at work.

This is part of the news website’s mandate  to help  particularly  Zimbabweans in South Africa,But the website will not take responsibility for the information written by the author or be liable to any disputes or misunderstanding that may arise from, what will be written in the column, as the author writes in his personal capacity and readers can contact him directly should they need help, clarity, or have queries.

Thank you and we hope you will find the Column useful and informative. Thank you, Siyabonga, Tatenda -Editor and Founder Patience Rusere