Zanu PF SA reaffirms Mugabe endorsement as diaspora vote preps heat up

Zanu PF SA reaffirms Mugabe endorsement as diaspora vote preps heat up

ZANU PF SA district has re affirmed the endorsement of Zimbabwean president Rodert Mugabe as the ruling party’s first secretary and candidate for ruling party for the 2018 watershed elections, says the district’s deputy secretary for information and publicity Morelife Mapeture

“We are a diaspora district and we look home for guidance in terms of the home front political landscape and we are putting our house in order for an probability of a diaspora vote we will deliver for ZANU PF,” says Mapeture.

Zimbabweans in the Diaspora, have begun actively campaigning for a Diaspora vote, while Tourism minister Walter Mzembi is on record as having said that it was time that the Diaspora have some sort of representation politically in the country, adding that this issue should be discussed at the party’s upcoming annual conference in Masvingo in the next few days.

ZANU PF Mzansi district chairman, Gift Kangausaru, says his party is happy with decision, to endorse Mugabe, who has been in the country’s number spot for more than 37 years now.

Says Kangausaru “We are so happy to be endorsing a legend once again a father figure and a nationalist par excellency as our candidate we are also putting forward our resolutions to ne scrutinised over the conference.

Meanwhile Mugabe has praised Zimbabweans for being resilient in HarareE during his State of the Nation address yesterday (6 December)

“I wish to commend them for their resilience, and urge them to cherish the peace and tranquility that continues to be the envy of many,” says Mugabe.
“Let us continue to find national pride in our core values of unity, hard work and freedom,” he adds
Mugabe spoke as the nation is in the grip of a severe cash crunch which started early this year, forcing monetary authorities to introduce bond notes last week to ease the cash shortages.

Zimbabwe has been in the throes of an economic crisis since 2000 when the European Union and the United States imposed sanctions on the country after it embarked on the land reform program meant to redress colonial land imbalances.

The International Monetary Fund forecasts a negative growth rate of -0.3 percent in 2016, marking the first time that Zimbabwe slides back into recession after seven years of positive growth from a decade-long recession.

Foreign direct investment has remained low over the years, hovering around 500 million U.S. dollars due to unfriendly policies.
Mugabe, however, said his government was accelerating implementation of policy reforms to rejuvenate the ailing economy and reduce poverty.
He said the recently promulgated Special Economic Zones Act should provide greater impetus to the country’s economic turnaround by facilitating foreign direct investment inflows, industrialization, technology transfer, employment creation and increased export earnings. – Enditem additional reporting Patience Rusere

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